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Hearty Rise Taiku

Hearty Rise Taiku

Using Hearty Rise’s Signature NetV3 technology, which allows for a lighter, thinner and more responsive blank, we have developed a rod that is able to not only get your lure further, but also have the power to fight and land some of Africa’s most aggressive fish from the shore.

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    Hearty Rise Taiku 11ft

    11′ (3.35m) – Lure Weight: 28g – 84g (1oz – 3oz), Line Class: PE 1 – 3 (15lb – 40lb)


    Hearty Rise Taiku 12ft

    12′ (3.65m) – Lure Weight: 56g – 112g (2oz – 4oz), Line Class: PE 2 – 4 (25lb – 50lb)

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