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FISHMAN is a fishing tackle developer and wholesaler based in Cape Town, South Africa with over 25 years local experience. Our vision is to provide new innovative products specifically designed and developed for South African Anglers. Strenuously tested we ensure our products deliver maximum performance and ultimate satisfaction. Specialising in premium quality rods and artificial lures, FISHMAN is the official South African distributor for HEARTY RISE, a premium rod manufacturer. HEARTY RISE is constantly striving to develop and improve new and innovative construction technology – the result – exceptionally light, highly responsive, dynamically resilient and incredibly powerful blanks. If you want the very best look no further than HEARTY RISE.


Having manufactured fishing rods for over thirty-seven years, HEARTY RISE understand the intricacies of blank design and construction. Paying particular attention to detail and craftsmanship and continuously striving to improve and further develop their blank design and construction technologies HEARTY RISE are leaders in their field. From sourcing the highest quality Japanese carbons, guides and components to ensuring the most stringent of build quality standards it is no wonder that 60% of their rod production goes directly into the Japanese domestic market.

Together with HEARTY RISE, FISHMAN have developed and introduced a range of Japanese quality rods specifically designed for the South African Angler. For ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE look no further than HEARTY RISE.

HeartyRise Kyasuto Rod 15ft Bronze Whaler Shark Fishing
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