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Hearty Rise Sakana

Hearty Rise Sakana

The Hearty Rise Sakana has been designed using the latest carbon technology. Using Hearty Rise’s NETV3 Technology with Toray’s patented Nanoalloy Technology has produced a lighter, stronger and more sensitive rod to give anglers the absolute edge while fishing.

  • Rod Specifications

    Hearty Rise Sakana 15ft
    Lure Weight: 7oz – 9oz, Line Class: PE 4 – 8 (50lb – 70lb)


    Hearty Rise Sakana 15ft
    Lure Weight: 6oz – 8oz, Line Class: PE 3 – 6 (40lb – 60lb)


    Hearty Rise Sakana 15fT
    Lure Weight: 5oz – 7oz, Line Class: PE 3 – 6 (40lb – 60lb)

  • Additional Information

    The Hearty Rise Sakana uses a Fuji SIC Kseries guide system to maximise the longevity of the components, as well as a custom Fuji Hearty Rise reel seat and Fuji butt end cap. A stainless rod protector has been used to protect the rod from rod stand damages as well as adding to the balance of the rod, alleviating the feeling of being “tip heavy”.  Glow in the dark decals and Hearty Rise brand ring add to the aesthetics of the rod.

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