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Hearty Rise Kyasuto Limited Edition Black

Hearty Rise Kyasuto Limited Edition Black

The ultimate Rock and Surf rod, now in LIMITED EDITION BLACK. Made for South African anglers using Hearty Rise’s NET-Vll Japanese Carbon Technology allowing for a stronger, lighter, thinner, and more responsive blank. The Fuji CCKWFG guides are fully braid capable and free-flowing assisting in giving you the furthest and most accurate cast possible.

  • Rod Specifications

    Kyasuto 15ft 7-9oz Black LTD - Sinker Weight: 7–9oz;
    Line Class: PE 4–8 (50–70lb); Physical Weight – 766g


    Kyasuto 15ft 6-8oz Black LTD - Sinker Weight: 6–8oz;
    Line Class: PE 3–6 (40–60lb); Physical Weight – 716g


    Kyasuto 14ft6 5-7oz Black LTD - Sinker Weight: 5–7oz;
    Line Class: PE 3–6 (40–60lb); Physical Weight – 687g

  • Additional Information

    Rods as light as these allow anglers to stand more comfortably with them for longer, allowing a more pleasant experience while fishing as well as a more enjoyable fight when hooking into a decent fish.

    The ultra-thin blank and signature taper of the Kyasuto allows anglers to get the furthest possible cast with minimal effort. This allows any angler to get the best possible distance and of course, hook the fish of their dreams!

    All rods come equipped with a custom Hearty Rise branded Fuji reel seat.

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